Helpucover Healthy Choices Health Cash Plan Review.

Unlike private medical insurance, the Health Choices Plan from helpucover can help towards your everyday routine healthcare costs. It does not matter if you already have private medical insurance or rely on the NHS, the Health Choices Plan refunds the costs you pay for conventional or complementary therapy.For example new eye glasses can cost £150. Dental bills may run to hundreds of pounds. A course of physiotherapy can be as much as £300 or even more.

With a health cash plan from helpucover starting from £10.50 per month you get back a proportion of your bill (or 100% of your bill for optical or dental claims up to your maximum benefit), usually within 3 days of submitting your claim form or making a telephone claim.

Applying online is easy and you will not need  to take a medical to get cover. After reading the Policy Summary, just complete the simple application form online.

As long as you are over 18 and below 75 years of age, and you are permanently living in the UK, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man you could be eligible for this cover. Your children will be covered (up to a maximum of 4) if they are aged over 6 months and less than 18 years of age (or up to 22, if neither married nor registered as a civil partner and in full-time education), are permanently living with you and are not in gainful employment.

Typical cover options are for the Helpucover Health Choices Plans are 100% refund towards dental bills up to £170
  • 100% refund towards optical bills up to £170
  • Up to £400 per year for consultation fees
  • Up to £200 per year for complementary medicine
  • Hospital Care benefit up to £840 per year
A full summary of the cover provided and prices can be found by going to the Helpucover website.

With helpucover you have the security of knowing you are protected by an established insurer with a reputation for service and reliability.
helpucover is trading style of Pinnacle Insurance plc - one of the UK's leading insurers. Pinnacle Insurance plc is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Established in 1971, they currently employ over 650 highly trained staff in Britain and Ireland.
For added reassurance, their parent Company is the BNP- Paribas Group - one of the world's largest international banking networks employing over 150,000 employees in 85 countries.