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Admiral's research of 2 million motorists found 13% of those aged 17 and 18 have a crash. This compares with 6.5% of motorists overall. But when compared with older motorists, the difference is even more startling. Just 4.5% of motorists in their 40s are involved in a crash and 2% of those over 50.

If you aged over fifty you might well find your car insurance is cheaper than younger drivers. People in this age group tend to be safer drivers, because you have road experience and maturity and often a more reliable car than younger drivers. From an insurers point of view it means that when these are added together you are less likely to make a claim, thus saving the insurer money. Below are some of the current deals and offers that are available on car insurance, although they are not necessarily specific to the over fifties they are normally only available for online car insurance applications.

Research by leading car insurance expert Admiral highlights just how poor the driving record of young drivers is compared with older motorists. It shows 17 and 18 year old motorists are twice as likely to have a road accident as someone in their 30s, three times as likely as someone in their 40s and six times as likely as someone aged over 50.*

LV Car Insurance.

With up to 75% no claim discount isn't it time you found out how much you could save?


Saga Car Insurance.

Switch to Saga over 50s Car Insurance and you could benefit from - Up to 15% online discount - *20% of people would have received an introductory and online discount totaling 15%, Saga survey of new business quotes January 2012.


Protect Your Bubble Car Insurance.

£40 Cashback currently on offer.


John Lewis Car Insurance.

"10% discount when you buy John Lewis Car Insurance online" There is currently no end date for this offer.

With John Lewis Car Insurance the over 50s can reap the rewards of careful driving as they offer a No Claims Discount of up to 75% and in most instances they will give you the option of protecting it.


When choosing car insurance there are 3 options available -

Third Party – This is the minimum legal requirement for motorists. This cover provides you with insurance that covers anyone who is injured in an accident caused by you. This insurance provides compensation to all these individuals but does not cover the costs that you will incur due to the accident. If your car is damaged or stolen you will have to pay the costs of repair, towage and replacement.

Third Party Fire and Theft - This insurance provides the same cover as 3rd party cover but offers additional cover that in the event that your vehicle is stolen or destroyed by fire you will be covered.

Comprehensive - A comprehensive car insurance policy covers you even if an accident is your fault. So if your car is badly damaged in an accident the repairs will be paid for by the insurer less any excess you have.

last update September 2012.

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