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HSBC Bank Home Contents & Buildings Insurance.

Why HSBC Bank Home Contents & Buildings Insurance?

Unlimited buildings sum insured.

Replacement of contents as new up to £50,000.*

If your buildings is made uninhabitable, HSBC willl cover accommodation costs.**

You can pay your HSBC Bank home insurance premiums monthly rather than annually at no extra charge.

Personal money covered in the home up to £500.

Automatic accidental damage cover included for items such as TV, hi-fi and computer equipment (excluding portable computer equipment).

Replacement of contents as new up to £50,000*.

Immediate home insurance cover available.

Contents insurance includes "temporary removal of contents" up to a limit of £5,000

The standard home insurance cover also includes accidental damage occurring in the home to computers, unless it's a portable type like a laptop or palmtop, where you will need the extended accidental damage cover.

The HSBC bank excess on a standard claim is £100 (claims for subsidence carry a £1000 excess)

Optional Extras available with HSBC Bank home insurance are

Personal Belongings

Legal Expenses  

Pedal Cycles (up to £1,500)

HSBC Home Insurance is provided by Aviva Insurance Limited.

* New for old cover does not apply to clothes and household linens.
** Applies to buildings that have been made uninhabitable by an insurable cause. Subject to policy terms and conditions.