Life Insurance for Mums.

Let’s hear it for mums!

Mums - Mothers’ Day is a time of appreciation for everything you do. The emotional value of a mum is huge, of course, but the practical support you provide is equally important.

Incredibly, the average mum spends 71 hours a week on chores and childcare, with most of that time being spent with children. That's a staggering level of dedication.

Our latest research shows that a typical UK mum is worth over £30,000 per year in financial terms. That's what it would cost your household to keep up the work you do around the home if you were to die or become critically ill.

Peace of mind for you

Wouldn’t you want the peace of mind of knowing your family is secure even if you weren’t there? Yet how many mums have life insurance Surprisingly few – only 49% of mums have any life cover. For critical illness cover, the number is even lower – just 22%.

Looking into life cover is a gesture your family can make that not only recognises your amazing contribution, but also helps secure their future.

With a life cover plan from Legal & General you’ll know you’re providing support far into the future, even if you’re not around in person to take care of the family yourself.

It might seem like a big step, but you’ll be surprised at how cheap life insurance can be – from as little as £6 per month.

You and your family can plan for a secure future by looking into life cover today The cost of life insurance is cheaper than you might think. But the value is priceless.

Not quite the Mother’s Day gift you had in mind?

It’s not the conventional flowers and chocolates, we grant you. But it’s a gift that will be there for far longer, and mean far more if the worst does happen.

But isn’t it expensive?

Legal & General’s surprisingly cheap life insurance premiums start from £6 per month - that’s just £72 per year. Get a quote today and see how cheap life cover costs can be.

Is it complicated to arrange?

Our plans are tailored to meet your needs whatever your family circumstances. You can add critical illness cover to your life insurance too, for an extra charge.

Isn’t it too early to think about life insurance?

It’s never too early to safeguard your future. Even if you’re not considering life insurance yet, it’s good to find out what the options are for you and your family.