Nationwide Car Insurance News and Online Offers.

April 2012 : Nationwide Car Insurance offers an online discount, up to 75% no claims discount and they have UK based call centres.

Nationwide Car Insurance.

Nationwide are well known for mortgages and savings accounts but as the UK’s biggest building society they have expanded the products they offer online and they now offer travel, life insurance and car insurance. Nationwide car insurance offers you the flexibility to tailor your car insurance cover. The cover can provide everything you would expect from Nationwide Building Society and the car insurance is provided by LV, offering the benefits of:
  • Up to 75% no claim discount
  • Online discount (available for new policies)
  • UK-based call centre
  • Friendly and efficient 24-hour claim service
  • Guaranteed Courtesy Car *
  • Cover for up to 180 days when travelling in EU Countries*
* excludes Third Party Only policies. On top of these standard features with Nationwide, you can then choose from a range of optional extras to create the right level of car insurance cover to suit you:
  • Protected or Guaranteed No Claims Discount - if you have earned four or more years No Claims Discount, you have the opportunity to guarantee or protect it. You can choose to guarantee it for the entire life of the policy or protect your No Claims Discount, ensuring that you won't lose your hard-earned discount as long as no more than two claims are made in a five year period
  • Motor Legal Expenses up to £100,000 - this option covers you for up to £100,000 which can be used to pay either: reasonable legal costs to defend you against a motoring prosecution (in an incident when you were using your car) oe to pursue a civil claim for the recovery of uninsured losses due to an accident involving your car resulting in your injury or death
  • Personal accident cover up to £100,000 - the standard comprehensive insurance covers you, your spouse or civil partner up to £10,000 if you sustain injury whilst travelling in, or getting in or out of any car which, within 90 days, results in: death, complete and irrecoverable loss of sight in one or both eyes or
permanent loss of limbs. With extended cover, comprehensive policy holders can choose to increase this level of cover to £100,000, allowing greater peace of mind
  • Road Rescue - road rescue breakdown cover offers a choice of 5 levels of breakdown cover:
    • Roadside Assist;
    • Roadside & Home Assist;
    • UK Recovery;
    • UK Recovery & Home Assist; or
    • UK & European Assist
    • The basic cover includes roadside assistance, as long as the breakdown is more than quarter of a mile from your home, no call out charge, recovery to a garage or your chosen destination, if within 10 miles of the breakdown, and assistance with windscreen and tyre replacement. You can build upon this with other levels of cover to find the right package to suit your needs.

You can also choose to add Road Rescue Personal Cover, which extends the breakdown cover you have in the UK to any car you or your spouse/partner are driving or are a passenger in at the time of breakdown in the UK.

Nationwide Building Society are a mutual organisation meaning they are owned by their members and not shareholders.