Post Office Over 50's Life Cover.

Post Office Over 50's Life Insurance Cover Review.

 The Post Office offers a simple and affordable way to look after your loved ones when you have gone with the Post Office Over 50’s Life Cover.

You can choose to pay from £7 per month (maximum £50 per month) and then when you die you will receive a fixed lump sum subject to your death not occuring in the first 12 months. If you die in the first 12 months the Post Office will refund all the premiums you have made.

Acceptance is guaranteed if you are aged between 50 and 80 years of age and there are no medical examinations or health questions asked.

As this is a life policy the plan has no cash in value so if you cancel the policy before your death you will not get a lump sum or your premiums back and depending on how long your post office over 50s life insurance plan lasts for you might pay in more than you get back.

Once you have chosen your premium this is fixed for the duration of the policy.

If you are aged 50-64 you will pay premiums for 20 years, 65-75 you will pay premiums until the plan anniversary following your 85th birthday and if you are 76 and over you will pay premiums for 10 years.

Your Life insurance cover amount will depend on your age, sex and the monthly premium you choose to pay.

Other popular plans for the over 50's include LV and Sun Life Direct.

The Post Office is an appointed representative of Bank of Ireland (UK) plc.