Post Office Pet Insurance.

Review of pet insurance for cats & dogs from the Post Office.

The post office offers pet insurance cover for both cats and dogs and in 2009 was awarded the “Best Pet Insurance Provider” in the 2009 Your Money Awards.

Post Office Pet Insurance Offers –

Cover for vets fees up to £5,000 per condition, for accident or illness just check your policy document for specific limits.

No maximum age limit for vet fees.

A simple excess payment per condition to help your budget.

If you take out pet insurance for a 2nd pet you will receive an extra 5% discount online.

If you have to cancel a holiday because your pet needs urgent surgery or goes missing, you could get compensation of up to £1,000 per year.

If you take your pet abroad, it will still be covered in many European Countries if it needs treatment. (Check policy for list of countries)

3rd party liability cover available with dog insurance.

The minimum age of any dog or cat that the Post Office insure is 8 weeks. There is no maximum age limit, however any pets that are aged 8 years or over will not be covered under the death by illness section.

Post Office Pet Insurance is provided by AXA Services Ltd.

25.10.2011 The cost office are currently offering a 5% online discount if you insure a 2nd cat or dog with them.