RIAS Over 50 Life Plan.

RIAS Over 50's Life Insurance Plan Review. 

Applying for this over 50s life insurance plan couldn’t be easier. Rias won’t ask any questions about your health or ask you to take a medical. As long as you’re aged 50-75 and a UK resident, RIAS will definitely accept you.

You choose the level of premium you pay, starting from just £5 (£10 for ages 71 to 75), or any multiple of £5 up to £50.

Your premiums will stay the same throughout your life, even if your health deteriorates,RIAS  will not ask you to pay more unless you choose the index linked option.

A 50 year man paying £5 per month would get cover of £1231 while if a 50 year old man paid £50 per month he would get £20,589 life cover.

Because of inflation, your fixed cash sum may be worth less in real terms when you die than when you first took out the plan. You can prevent this happening by ‘index linking’ your plan. This means every year  if you choose RIAS can increase your fixed cash sum to keep pace with inflation.

With the RIAS Over 50s Life Plan, a cash lump sum will be paid into your estate when you die.  However the money is used, it could really make life easier for those you leave behind. Your money could also help towards the cost of a funeral. The average cost of a funeral has been rising over the years, and with this trend set to continue, most families will be glad of any help in meeting these costs. You can also receive an extra 10% if you use the cash lump sum to pay towards funeral costs with the help of Dignity, a leading UK funeral director.

Take out the RIAS Over 50s Life Plan and you can choose to enjoy one of these three special rewards, absolutely FREE*. Treat yourself to something nice to wear, something for the house or simply a feast of luscious food and drink  with £25 of FREE M&S vouchers or choose a stylish 7” digital photo frame lets you display digital photos without needing to print them or use a computer or choose a completely free night’s stay in a hotel. You will be sent a directory containing a superb selection of hotels throughout the UK. Then simply choose the one you want and call the One Night Free reservation line within 14 days of the day you wish to stay, quoting your reference number and the name of the hotel you’ve chosen from the directory.

* Your chosen gift will be sent to you automatically by the chosen supplier once RIAS have received your third life insurance premium payment and your plan has not been cancelled in the meantime. Please allow up to 28 days from your third completed premium payment to receive your gift.

In the first two years of your plan, if you die as a result of an accident, RIAS will pay three times the amount of cash lump sum you have selected. This applies from your very first day of cover and continues for two full years. If you die from any other cause during the first two years, RIAS will simply return all the money you’ve paid to them plus half as much again (150%). So you can rest assured that even if the worst happens in the first two years, your family will get back more than you’ve paid in. And after the first two years RIAS will pay your full guaranteed over 50s life insurancelump sum, wherever and whenever you die, provided of course that you’ve kept up the payments. And after your 90th birthday, your cover will continue but you’ll no longer have to pay monthly premiums.